Reliving High school

I’ve been enjoying going to my younger brothers games. It’s been fun to make this a family outing every month. Seeing the basketball games is something I didn’t attend, when I was in high school so it’s fun to experince the high school ways again!!its so live with the Dj and different tricks in the game!!!

Can’t wait to tell you more on the games I go to.

Maleficent Movie Review

Magnificent (the good villain)

        This is greatly made Disney movie for people to watch. This film seriously was first to be released May 2020. The had been moved up by 7 months, which was the 18 of October 2019.the disney movie its own fresh,dark,snow. The film does have major actors in it Angelia Jolie(Maleficent), Elle Fanning(the Princess), Harris Dickinson(Prince Philllphs) replacing Brenton Thaut from in the first film. The other major actors are Michelle Preiffer (Queen Ingrith) and Robert lindsay (King John). This movie was the best sequel for the flash forward in time.      

This movie takes place in throughout 2 different kingdoms.Where the covinning queen hatches a plan to destroy the fairies land. Maleficent hopes to stop her by joining forces with a warrior & this powerful army. What the queen resorts to is truly out of deep fear. Watch this film as there are unexpected allies and dark forces at play. 

             Maleficent:Mistress of Evil had amazing graphics. It had showed a blend of practical and visual effects to create stunning landscapes. The filmmakers showcased the visual effects and the seemingly endless flight scenes. The different angles, which they showed the landscapes from made the movie so colorful. The magical creatures they added to the fairies land made a magical feeling to the film. The wardrobe hit the film so perfectly, you knew it was a fairytale. 

        Villains aren’t always the same in every movie. Throughout this movie you can tell Magnificent wasn’t the villain, but actually the misunderstood character. Beginning with the way she accepted the events Aurora had accepted to and how she tried to Adapt to her daughters human life. Also, accepting the invitation to go to the palace even though it was risky. Yet, the evil queen had given all wrong vibes since the scene where she was talking to the creature in the basement. The way she talked and commented on certain subjects didn’t seem so friendly for a queen. Since, most queens are made out to be cheerful and very nice. This mixup of things lead to Maleficent being put as the villain and being thrown out of the kingdom.

       This film was very action-packed. The The writer did an awesome job at upgrading Maleficent’s costume. The film made 155 million in movies sales so far. The fact the movie had a lot of well-known actors was indeed interesting. USA TODAYsaid,”If the box office stopped today , it was an absolute unqualified success. (BAHR) Therefore, this movie would be an excellent movie night choice. 

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Am I (poetry)

Use be thinking AM I

Am I smart enough

Can I make my dreams happen

Is the world to cruel for me??


Is my heart ever to be loved

What Happiness is my go to

Though I know all of these up front

I gonna do deeper and get it all out

Juicy Fruit American POP Flavored Review

This gum was very popular in my household so I decided to get some feedback from people in my neighbor!!!!!😁 The first person said WHAT FLAVOR IS THIS and IT TASTE SO DELICIOUS😍😍 Mutiple people said IT FLAVOR IS LIKE THE POPSICLE. Which is the actual flavor😏😏 Little girls said BLUEBERRY ICE CREAM AND OTHER BLUEBERRIES😋 The craziest comment I got was IT AFTER TASTE IS WERID AND KINDA LIKE CHEMICALS😂😂😂😂

Sleep poem

Sleep, Sleep, SleepA Disorder
Still trying to live fully

An Obstacle,Small part of my life
People’s reaction!!!

I’m a JOKE!!!
Know matter what I know the TRUTH

Others should too
A Disorder, My Disorder

6 Years so far
My Disorder